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We promise to be there for you every step of your journey. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life.  

Do you want someone to listen to how you really feel?

Do you wonder why you are repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour or relationships?

Do you feel overwhelmed and trapped in a cycle of feeling low and down?

Are you going through a difficult time and feel you want to talk confidentially and in private?

Are you thinking you’ll just have to put up with life and feel stuck?

Then Therapy may be a helpful for you to work on finding answers, in a supportive environment without fear of being judged or put under any pressure.    

Why wait months for an appointment – take matters in your own hands!

I want to listen.


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Hi, my name is Lisa. I offer a safe and confidential space  in Sale or Chorlton where you are accepted for who you are and invited to explore what’s holding you back from who you could be. I believe that treating someone with warmth, compassion and acceptance without judgment or criticism allows you to explore and work through what are sometimes painful or difficult feelings.

I place great importance on creating a positive therapeutic and empathic relationship in order to facilitate positive changes to your life. I invite self-awareness through the exploration of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I also believe that the past effects the present and in order to move forward we can take an honest journey together exploring life experiences.

My practice is Transactional Analysis. Together we'll separate out messages from Parents, or beliefs from Childhood about yourself, others and the world. Without realising it you may be living with restrictions and outdated messages from your history. Let's update that and see what's holding back the Adult You from true fulfilment today.



Qualifications and Memberships


I have a BA Hons Degree in Literature, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, which is a Masters Degree Level (7) course. 

I am Mental Health First Aid trained. 

I am a member of UKCP, BACP and the Manchester Institute for psychotherapy. 




If you would like an initial meeting I can offer a 30 minute appointment for £15. If I cannot offer you the kind of service you require, then I will endeavour to point you in the right direction.

My professional fees are £45 for a 50 minute appointment. Sessions are weekly, in person at The Blend Centre in Sale or at the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy in Chorlton. 



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Lisa Armitage Therapy

Manchester Institue for Psychotherapy 454 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton Manchester M21 0BQ

07450 644559


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